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I will make your martingale collar custom to fit your dog.  It will be adjustable, but only about 1-2 inches.  I do not have photos of a lot of examples, because I just recently started taking photos of the collars I have made.  I will custom make your collar to your specifications.

The examples on the Kennel Collar page would also work for martingales, with the martingale "strap" instead of the buckle, like the collar below.



Here's Cutie Pie's (Hello Jackiegirl) martingale.  She's a petite black girl, and this collar looks very striking on her.


I knew SI Jinx when she was in the race kennel.  She retired from racing and now lives with her owner, Angela Wilson-Taylor, and wears this pretty turquoise and black collar. 



My "new" girl, Painted On Jeans, retired from The Woodlands and now lives with me in Springfield MO.  This is her first martingale.  She also has a matching tag collar.





Paula McVann 2010