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My beautiful girl, Painted On Jeans, models her matching tag collar and martingale.


Survey (Survey Said) and Darlin' (Hello Jackiegirl), owned by Ann Waitley, proudly wearing their tag collars.


Will Ferrell recently finished his racing career and is now home with his family, and is starting his new career as a stud dog. 



Alpo (Hello Alpo) has had his tag collar since November of 2006!  It still looks great!

Alpo is one of the three littermates belonging to Ann Waitley.



Cutie (Hello Cutie Pie), owned by Ann Waitley, has a tag collar and a regular martingale for "going out and about".



My boy Carter (GF's Bing) modeling an adjustable Tag Collar.



This gorgeous boy is Homey Drive.  He was bred and raised by Tony and Judy Mills, in Abilene, KS, then raced at Wheeling and Southland, went on to be a stud dog for awhile, and was then adopted by Beth Anderson for his "third" career as an adoption ambassador.  Homey hound always wears blue so he wanted a blue tag collar.



Here is another "Drive" dog, Hulda Drive, bred by Tony and Judy Mills, and now owned by Beth Anderson.  He is a littermate to Homey Drive and also raced at Southland and Wheeling.  He is affectionately known now as Hoola, and wears red wherever he goes.



This is Down Under, bred by Drinda Spillane.  He raced at Wheeling and Southland, is now known as Gusto and lives with David Sandlin.  He always wears green, so he has a green and black tag collar.



Here's Linda Russi's girl, Tiger, who is getting ready to go to the track.


Here's pretty Yoo Hoo (Yoo Hoo Canoe) wearing her matching tag collar and coat.

She's owned by Brad Whitley

Yoo Hoo obviously knows how to relax!


This gorgeous boy is Luke (Uther On The Go).  He's owned and loved by Brad Whitley and is wearing his Sapphire and Silver tag collar.


Here's another one of Luke, relaxing at home.



Sunny, owned by Brett and Donna Weeks, models his martingale.


Paula McVann 2010