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These collars are made of top quality leather and can be customized in many ways for your special dog.  These collars are sturdy enough for everyday or kennel use.  Your special dog would look great in one of these during post parade at the track, in the stud barn or the brood house, or laying on your sofa.



This one belongs to Soprano Drive - currently "The Boss of Southland", owned by Tony and Judy Mills of Abilene KS.

Soprano Drive was the winner of the 2008 Southland Derby!  He proudly wore this collar in the post parade and for the Win photo.


Mistress McKayla wanted a more "girlie" look, so I made this one for her!

McKayla is owned by Phyllis Shuffield and Johnny Culbreath and is

currently running at Palm Beach Kennel Club.



Will Farrell, owned by James Martin, wears his collar at home, having finished his career on the track and now beginning his new career as a stud dog.



Here's another example of a more "girlie" collar.



Wouldn't this collar look good on your special black dog?



Deerfield Mover* wears this collar.
He's an Irish dog, so he prefers the Celtic conchos on his collar



This one belongs to Ginger (MCP's Genger) who is owned by Angela Wilson-Taylor. 



Ginger's housemate is Stoops, (Bello Stoops) and he's a manly man, so he needed a green collar to show off how handsome he is!


Pablo (Pop the Cork) likes the classic look of the Sapphire.  Pablo also belongs to Angela Wilson-Taylor.


This collar was donated to the auction on Global Greyhounds to benefit the NGA.  It was purchased by Angela Wilson-Taylor for her boy OU.  (Bello Owe You)  This is the collar that "started it all"!



Soprano Drive needed another collar - this one in "All American" colors!






Paula McVann 2010